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ЗСУ пішли в контратаку під Бахмутом: перші кадри з поля бою

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The armed forces of Ukraine breached the defence line of the Russian army near Bakhmut in the course of counterattacks. Therefore, the Ukrainian military managed to take control of the territory at a depth of 200 meters to 2 kilometers. In an exclusive report, RFE/RL shows how the assault operation was carried out and what captured by the Armed Forces Russian soldier told. Correspondents Marian Kushnir and Serhiy Nuzhnenko not only attached chest cameras to the assault units, but also were with him at the moment when these actions took place. How the Armed Forces stormed Russian troops and leveled the line near Bakhmut - see in the video @RadioSvobodaUkraine

Authors: Marian Kushnir, Serhiy Nuzhnenko, Viktoria Makarova